Male Paddled

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male paddled

Many men will not accept criticism or discipline from another man, it makes them become competitive and has the opposite effect, they come out with worse attitudes then when they went in. With so many male figures teaching men these days, it is no wonder that they come out arrogant, competitive, and insulting without a proper woman to show them that they are not allowed to behave that way. That is why the boys boarding school came back, to show men that certain behaviors in their life are just not acceptable.

This offender did not think there was anything he could learn, and scoffed at the idea that a woman should punish him. Luckily our professionals do not take such comments personally, but they do quite savor when they prove a particularly arrogant man wrong. With this particular offender, basic was best, and our proctor had just the paddle for him, a good old fashioned paddle he probably never saw when going to primary school. He did not think anything could phase him, at least until she made him drop trousers, and proceeded to make his ass glow red from her expert paddling.

Watch him paddled HERE

Naughty Boy Caged and Paddled

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caged and paddled

Some of the boys that end up at our school are there because they just are too much to handle outside our walls. They complain, they whine, and they feel they are entitled to everything because they’ve never had a strong female hand in their lives ever. It takes some of these boys quite a bit of time to assimilate into the school, and some of them require…harsher measures then others before they are able to respond to treatment.

This particular boy was such a badly behaved one that we finally had to go with isolation and remedial punishment as his course of treatment for his bad behavior. Nothing gets a boy into that receptive frame of mind then stripping them down and tossing them into isolation in a cage for a while. Somehow, they always come out of the cage a lot more…willing to accept any kind of discipline we choose to give them. Once we pulled this particular naughty boy out of the cage he was more than willing to comply, even when our mistress pulled out one of the harsher punishment paddles to reinforce the correction. Once we were sure the punishment sunk in, we put him back in the cage just as an extra bit of reinforcement.

See his full session HERE

Misbehaving Boy gets Paddled

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misbehaving boy gets paddled

The boys boarding school restarted because there were too many men out there that just don’t know how to take direction from women. They get too high and might about their position, and when a strong woman steps into their life, they act up and pretend that they can do no wrong. That can quickly get out of hand, and those bad boys need some training before they can accept proper direction in the future. Luckily we have many girls that know how to take these boys in hand and turn them around.

This particularly bad boy becomes properly censured when told that if he doesn’t submit to remedial training and discipline he is likely to lose his career, and even his relationships. He needs to learn proper behavior and how to interact with other women. Our teacher this day knows just how she is going to show him that discipline. She makes him strip down for her inspection, and then it’s time for his reeducation. She makes sure that he is totally exposed for her and gives him a lesson on following instructions, but she makes sure that she reinforces her points with some of her heavier paddles and strops. She expects he will not have to come back for retraining, because he will have a reminder of his lessons for days after, every time he sits down.

Watch him beaten HERE

Caning Punishment

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male ass caning

As much focus as there is on the girls going out and lacking discipline, it is an awful situation that so many men grow up without proper role models, discipline and control as well. So many become braggarts, or louts, or just general selfish bastards because they don’t get a proper heavy hand and strict punishment. So, we found behavioral specialists that love to have their hand in making sure a man turns out properly.

This man not only neglected to properly take care of his space, he tried to put the responsibility on the RA and floor lady that they did not ‘remind’ him well enough. That sloughing off of blame does not work, so we brought in the RA to remind him of what happens when he doesn’t take responsibility. She was just as offended, and so brought out her favorite cane as a way to remind him who was in charge of the floor. It didn’t take too long before his ass was bright red, but that wasn’t enough, the RA made sure the proctor got a turn as well with the cane. When his ass was well and truly bruised, such that he would not have to keep his room tidy, because there was no way he was going to sit down anywhere in it, they finally let him go.

Watch the punishment HERE

Sexy Dom Paddles Her Slave

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Boys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School Gallery

It’s amazing how sweet pain can feel when the person wielding the paddle is a sexy dom like this woman at the Boys Boarding School.

If you have been a bad boy you might want to visit the Boys Boarding School, when you are there you will be striped completely naked and given a proper punishment by one of there strict yet beautiful femdoms.

The Boys Boarding School has long been a place where errant boys learn hard lessons. The spankings the boys receive are very real and often quite harsh. The dominant women really punish guys bare bottoms at BBS.

If you have ever been curious about having your arse paddled by a sexy woman then you might want to have a look around the Boys Boarding School. If you get a membership you can check out some of the videos and get a feel for what it is really like to be punished by a sexy femdom.

Naughty Boy Bent Over Spanking Bench and Punished

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Boys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School Gallery

This is strict Krista and she is a femdom resident at the Boys Boarding School. When they have a very serious discipline problem and a guy who just never can learn they send him to Strict Krista.

Strict Krista is a beautiful femdom that often wears leather and rubber. She has the most amazing big tits you will ever see on a dominant woman. Her legs and body are firm and she is a true beauty.

But don’t for a second be fooled by Strict Krista’s beautiful and gorgeous body because she is a very, very, harsh dom. She punishes without mercy. She will beat your ass black and blue and leave it so marked up that you will not be able to sit down for weeks.

Strict Krisat has her own dungeon that she keeps stocked with the most fearsome punishment devices. She has thick and heavy leather straps, paddles, and brutal canes. She uses all these to spank the bare asses of bad guys. If you find yourself being punished by Strict Krista you are in for a very, very, harsh time.

Visit Strict Krista and download videos of her giving out very harsh punishments.

Bad Boy Gets Severe Butt Paddling

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Boys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School Gallery

This is another gallery from the Boy’s Boarding School. It appears that his bad boy is being severely punished. They have strict rules at the Boy’s Boarding School and any infraction leads to the boys getting their bottoms spanked hard.

Spankings are administered on the bare bottom at the Boys Boarding School. The men might get a warm up spanking on their jeans, but those pants are coming down and the spanking will be delivered on the bare skin. The men are often spanked with large paddles and thick straps.

The choice of spanking implement appears to be totally up to the women that are spanking the men. They seem to pick their implements just based on mood and preference. The strict women teachers at the Boys Boarding School are attractive and they often wear business suits with stockings. They looks serious and sexy as they swing heavy paddles at the men’s bare bottoms.

If you want to see videos of men getting severely paddled and strapped by women then have a look at the Boy’s Boarding School.

Sexy Blond Canes The Bare Ass of Bad Boy

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Boys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School Gallery

This gallery is from the site Boy’s Boarding School. The creators of this site are probably better know for the Girls Boarding School. But being the professionals they are they created the Boys Bording School as well – a site where bad boys get spanked hard by their teachers.

The Boys Boarding Schoo
l is mostly a video site. I’ve managed to get screen captures of the videos and make some galleries. Hopefully this will five you an idea of what you get at the Boy’s Boarding School.

I recognize the female doing the spanking in this gallery. She has been on the receiving end of a punishment a good number of times at The Girls Boarding School. I bet she is really getting a kick out of returning the favor and really making the men she spanks suffer in serious pain.

At the Boys Boarding School bad boys get spanked with a wide variety of different implements – paddles, canes, and straps. The boys get spanked hard by females that are very attractive. Visit Boys Boarding School and Check Out Their Movies!