Sadie Spanks Her Student

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sadie spanks her student

One of the brilliant things about being a tutor is that a girl can set her own terms on how she conveys her…lessons. For most boys this isn’t a problem, and they are just there to learn, but a few of the guys think that they can be the ones to teach the tutor a lesson. When that happens there are certain clauses in the contract that our girls like to enact, and that’s if the boys are going to act like five year olds, then they get treated as such. When that happens, it’s entirely up to the tutor how they discipline their student.

Sadie Holmes keeps a bag around just for those particularly difficult students. One or two warnings usually gets the point across, but this particular student is definitely a hard case. Sadie had to get a little bit old-fashioned with her teaching and discipline, and apply some corporal punishment to her bad student. He thought that her hand wouldn’t be so bad, and even managed to keep his mouth shut for this first punishment, but when the paddle came out and turned his ass bright red, he soon was begging and pleading for his chance to be a model student.

Watch him receive his due punishment. CLICK HERE

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College Boy Paddled

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college boy paddled

Certain boys think they are something special, because they get treated with privilege their entire life. It’s particularly prevalent when they get out of high-school and into the real-world, with things already set up for them when they have family, or connections. They get into college, and they just roll right on through, especially when they get into the right frats. Luckily, our girls have some connections too, and when they meet a particularly annoying frat boy, they have their ways of getting them the lessons they need.

This particular frat boy thought it was quite the joke when he saw Audrey there to give him his initiation spanking, but Aubrey definitely knows how to use that paddle, and prove just how nasty she can be when she’s given a wicked boy’s bare ass to teach a lesson. He quickly learned it was no joke when that wood paddle turned his bare ass red, and he practically cried his eyes out and begged Audrey to let him go!

Watch him punished. CLICK HERE

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Misbehaving Boy gets Paddled

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misbehaving boy gets paddled

The boys boarding school restarted because there were too many men out there that just don’t know how to take direction from women. They get too high and might about their position, and when a strong woman steps into their life, they act up and pretend that they can do no wrong. That can quickly get out of hand, and those bad boys need some training before they can accept proper direction in the future. Luckily we have many girls that know how to take these boys in hand and turn them around.

This particularly bad boy becomes properly censured when told that if he doesn’t submit to remedial training and discipline he is likely to lose his career, and even his relationships. He needs to learn proper behavior and how to interact with other women. Our teacher this day knows just how she is going to show him that discipline. She makes him strip down for her inspection, and then it’s time for his reeducation. She makes sure that he is totally exposed for her and gives him a lesson on following instructions, but she makes sure that she reinforces her points with some of her heavier paddles and strops. She expects he will not have to come back for retraining, because he will have a reminder of his lessons for days after, every time he sits down.

Watch him beaten HERE

Paddled Male

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Why is it that bad boys just don’t get corrected properly these days? They often get rewarded for bad or rude behavior, while being told they are just being ‘competitive’ or ‘go getters.’ There is no excuse for teaching them like that, because that means when they grow up they do not learn any kind of consideration for others that help them. Luckily many of these men can be corrected, with the proper application of discipline.

paddled male

Luckily Audry Tate quite enjoys taking these mis-behaving men and teaching them what it means when they fuck up. At first they cannot believe that she can do anything to them, and they treat it like a joke, but once she brings her paddles into play they quickly learn that this domme knows how to treat a bad man. This frat boy even thinks it’s a joke when told he is going to receive some discipline from a girl, at least until the first smack across his lily white ass. From then on he knows it is serious as she makes sure every inch of his ass is graced with a blow from her paddle. This expert domme isn’t about to let him get away without remembering every moment of his humiliation as he begs this tiny girl for mercy from the merciless paddles.

Watch him spanked HERE

Man Spanked by Two Vixens

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Hard Spanking Vixens

Hard Spanking Vixens is one of the new sites out that feature strict women dishing out harsh punishments. They have a lot of very attractive girls that punish and discipline men. The men are usually stripped completely naked and paddled, spanked, and even caned.

At Hard Spanking Vixens the punishment spankings usually take the form of some official or state sponsored punishment. The women wear uniforms and appear to be police women or military officers. For these women punishing men is part of their job.

Hard Spanking Vixens is a great site to watch men get spanked and beaten by sexy but strict women. The unfortunate guy in this gallery has two such sexy vixens paddling his ass at the same time. The women take turns smacking his naked ass.

I’m not sure what you have to do to get punished by two women at the same time, but our unfortunate (or lucky) guy has accomplished it. Good for him, I hope he enjoys having his ass spanked hard by these Hard Spanking Vixens.

Police Woman Spanks Mans Bare Ass

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Hard Spanking Vixens

This is a fun picture from Hard Spanking Vixens. Well, I’m sure it’s not “fun” for the poor guy having has ass spanked by this police officer. It’s fun in that the crew at Hard Spanking Vixens are always looking for a way to make the spanking shoots more interesting our authentic.

I don’t know how “authentic” it is for a police woman to be spanking a guy – maybe I’m just living in the wrong country! But it sure does capture authentic fantasies and I believe they do a good job and that is why I love these galleries of sexy women spanking men.

If you like role play and beautiful dominant women dressed up in uniforms (often uniforms of positions of power i.e. the police or military) they you will really enjoy the rest of the photo shoots at hard spanking vixens.

If you would like to see more strict women spanking men then drop by Hard Spanking Vixens and enjoy your stay!

Bad Boy Gets Severe Butt Paddling

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Boys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School GalleryBoys Boarding School Gallery

This is another gallery from the Boy’s Boarding School. It appears that his bad boy is being severely punished. They have strict rules at the Boy’s Boarding School and any infraction leads to the boys getting their bottoms spanked hard.

Spankings are administered on the bare bottom at the Boys Boarding School. The men might get a warm up spanking on their jeans, but those pants are coming down and the spanking will be delivered on the bare skin. The men are often spanked with large paddles and thick straps.

The choice of spanking implement appears to be totally up to the women that are spanking the men. They seem to pick their implements just based on mood and preference. The strict women teachers at the Boys Boarding School are attractive and they often wear business suits with stockings. They looks serious and sexy as they swing heavy paddles at the men’s bare bottoms.

If you want to see videos of men getting severely paddled and strapped by women then have a look at the Boy’s Boarding School.