Paddled Hard

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paddled hard

Good men know that it takes training and discipline in order to maintain proper order and to develop into proper, mature members of society. It’s a shame that so many of them never really receive that type of discipline, they go onto their lives and think that they are never going to have to suffer, and that everything is going to get handed to them. It makes them such ill behaved little boys that someone just has to step in and take a hand in giving them the proper education.

Luckily, Leigh knows just the value of good discipline, after all, growing up and attending the girl-scouts showed her what you can do when you follow the rules and stay in good order. She even has the outfit! It puts her in just the perfect mood when she is given a naughty boy that she needs to show how to behave. She starts easily enough, just a bit of bare-handed spanking to get his ass warmed up, and to lull him into thinking that things aren’t going to be too bad. Of course, that’s when she breaks out the bigger tools, and has him quickly begging for her tender mercies as his ass ends up black and blue, mercy she’s not inclined to give him.

Leigh tries several different paddles on his ass. CLICK HERE to watch

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Paddled, Flogged, and Spanked to Bruising

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flogged and welted

Many men think they are in for a special treat when they discover that there are women out there that love to dominate. They think it will be all about a little bit of restraint, maybe a slap and tickle, something they will find erotic, and fun and then those women will get so worked up they will have no control, and will just have to fuck the hell out of their ‘subby guy’. It’s quite a surprise for them when they find that these dominant bitches want nothing more than to see them crying out in pain and begging them to stop.

This particular little boy had been with a few lovers that loved to exchange a playful spanking now and again, so he went looking for our mistresses because he just ‘knew’ there was nothing they could do to him that was worse. That’s just the type of guy our mistresses love, because they almost take bets on how quickly they will beg and whine and try to get out of their discipline. This particular little boy didn’t last long at all, even the first wood paddle had him moaning in pain, but they weren’t about to let him go until they left his ass a nice big mass of bruises.

He is spanked until he bleeds. See for yourself. CLICK HERE

Man Spanked by Two Vixens

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Hard Spanking Vixens

Hard Spanking Vixens is one of the new sites out that feature strict women dishing out harsh punishments. They have a lot of very attractive girls that punish and discipline men. The men are usually stripped completely naked and paddled, spanked, and even caned.

At Hard Spanking Vixens the punishment spankings usually take the form of some official or state sponsored punishment. The women wear uniforms and appear to be police women or military officers. For these women punishing men is part of their job.

Hard Spanking Vixens is a great site to watch men get spanked and beaten by sexy but strict women. The unfortunate guy in this gallery has two such sexy vixens paddling his ass at the same time. The women take turns smacking his naked ass.

I’m not sure what you have to do to get punished by two women at the same time, but our unfortunate (or lucky) guy has accomplished it. Good for him, I hope he enjoys having his ass spanked hard by these Hard Spanking Vixens.

Guy Paddled by Sexy Blond in Latex

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Hard Spanking Vixens

This gallery of a guy being paddled by a sexy blond is from Hard Spanking Vixens. If you take a look at this girls face you will notice that she is loving every minute of ass beating she gives out. She is having a good time. I bet she takes pride in her work!!!

Looking at the red ass of this guy I’m guessing that this spanking session has been going on for some time. His ass is most likely very, very, sore by now. When you visit a femdom for a good spanking make sure you show up in time or they might just go out of their way to give you some extra punishemnts!!!

This gallery is an excellent sample of the kind of great photo shoots you will find at Hard Spanking Vixens. The women there are all beautiful, the punishments they give out are harsh, and the quality of photograph is great. The pics are all big and crisp and the videos are in very high resolution. This is one of the best places on the web to watch sexy women spank guys.

This blond makes a beautiful dominant woman and she is stunning in more than one way with that paddle in her hand. I like girls that are beautiful and from looking at them you would never guess that they are into spanking men. This blond would look normal at the PTA or going to church, but put her in a latex suit and hand her a paddle and she turns into a vicious femdom that is out to dominate and punish guys.

If you would like to see more beautiful women spank guys then drop by Hard Spanking Vixens – You will be glad you did!

Guy Striped Naked Given Harsh Paddling!

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Hard Spanking Vixens

Another great gallery from the crew at Hard Spanking Vixens. One of the things I love about Hard Spanking Vixens is I get the feeling that they are fairly new and amateurish. They aren’t overly experience porn producers. They are just people the truly enjoy spanking men and punishment by dominant ladies.

The women they have at Hard Spanking Vixens are truly beautiful and if you were to be punished you couldn’t be in better hands. These ladies are dominant and the spankings they give out are very real and harsh, but they aren’t completely evil.

If you are new our curious about women spanking men then Hard Spanking Vixens would be a great site to start with. You can see what it’s all about. The models are new and fresh and the content is exclusive.

On the other hand if you are experienced and have been around the block a few times and but still haven’t visited Hard Spanking Vixens, then shame on you! You really need to join this site and see all the harsh punishments that these beauties give out.

Visit Harsh Spanking Vixens now and Watch Beautiful Women Punish Guys

Police Woman Spanks Mans Bare Ass

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Hard Spanking Vixens

This is a fun picture from Hard Spanking Vixens. Well, I’m sure it’s not “fun” for the poor guy having has ass spanked by this police officer. It’s fun in that the crew at Hard Spanking Vixens are always looking for a way to make the spanking shoots more interesting our authentic.

I don’t know how “authentic” it is for a police woman to be spanking a guy – maybe I’m just living in the wrong country! But it sure does capture authentic fantasies and I believe they do a good job and that is why I love these galleries of sexy women spanking men.

If you like role play and beautiful dominant women dressed up in uniforms (often uniforms of positions of power i.e. the police or military) they you will really enjoy the rest of the photo shoots at hard spanking vixens.

If you would like to see more strict women spanking men then drop by Hard Spanking Vixens and enjoy your stay!

Men Punished and Spanked by Strict Vixen

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Hard Spanking Vixens

This is another great gallery from Hard Spanking Vixens. Hard Spanking Vixens is a site dedicated to women in powerful positions (often in sexy uniforms) that beat the bare bottoms of men.

This woman must be tired because she is spanking several men. I think she has lot her patience because she is just belting these guys and giving their asses hell. These men get well punished and spanked hard.

If you dream about being punished by a sexy woman in a uniform, if you would like to experience the sting of cane, or the thud of a paddle on your bare ass, then drop by Hard Spanking Vixens and watch the videos.

Welcome to Women Spanking Men!!!

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Hard Spanking Vixens

This is a new blog that is dedicated to (you guessed it) women spanking men. I’ll do my best to find current galleries where strict women spank the bare asses of poor guy. There are a lot of bad sites out there and I’ll try and sift through all the crap.

When something new happens in the spanko world or if a new site is out where women spank men I’ll post about it here. Happy spankings.

This gallery is from the site Hard Spanking Vixens. It’s a fairly good site where the women usually dress up in some kind of “official” or “military” or “police” outfits to deliver serious punishments to bad boys. The women spanking the men are attractive and they do spank hard.

If you would like to see more vixens spanking men then drop by the main site.