Jenna Rose Spanks Boyfriend

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Most guys, if they had their chance to date a Penthouse Pet, would practically jump up and down like little boys at the opportunity. It would be like the best gift they’d ever received, and many of them just wouldn’t know what to do with it. Unfortunately, many of them also think that just because they’re going on a date with a Pet, they are going to have an easy time of it, and the girl’s just going to be a sex-hungry woman who doesn’t care about anything else. That’s a bad assumption for these boys, because these women are strong, proud, and they have very few problems taking charge and showing what a man has to do in order to get into their good graces. If you don’t take your time and show them the respect they deserve, they will also be quite glad to show you the consequences there as well.

Jenna Rose is one sexy woman, and it’s only right that she was the Penthouse Pet of the year. It also makes some things rather tough for Jenna, since so many guys are either intimidated, or they think they can just take advantage of her, and she’ll do anything with them. She’s quite glad to prove them wrong, especially when she finally thinks she finds a boyfriend who might actually be fun. She finds that after a couple of dates he slacks off on his appearance and his manner, and when he shows up for a date looking slovenly, she finally has had enough. This strong woman puts him over her knee and applies a serious spanking with her hand and a wooden spoon. She’s more than happy to correct his ways, and when she leaves him with a bright red ass he’s going to end up with a reminder that will last for days.

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Alexis Shows She is the Boss

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Sometimes it’s a horrible idea to work with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can cause all sorts of complications and…distractions to your work. They also tend to get a bit lazy about office protocol and the rules, after all, they know the boss, right? They think they can get away with a little gift, a smile, or to ‘make it up to you at home’ whenever they do something wrong. It’s just…unprofessional. Of course, there are other benefits as well, since when it is time to show them the appropriate level of discipline, you can certainly do some things that might not be ‘approved’ in other offices.

Alexis works with her boyfriend Bradly King, where she hired him at her business in her office. At first it started out well, but he eventually started slacking off and taking his job for granted. Alexis didn’t mind a little screwing around, but she still requires a little professionalism in her office. When she confronts him he tries to laugh it off, and that’s the last straw. She demands he get across her lap, and when that provokes another joke, she proves just how serious she is as she yanks down his boxers and spanks his ass red. He realizes that she’s no longer joking when the laughing turns to pleading, but she doesn’t finish with him until he ends up with a solid reminder on his ass on proper office behavior.

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Houseboy gets spanked

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Pandora Blake has few rules for the men that service her house. They have to be prompt, clean and well behaved to start, but then they must show they are truly dedicated to keeping her house. She doesn’t tolerate laziness, slacking off, or anything that might otherwise leave her house disheveled or unwelcoming. The houseboys also have to sign a very strict contract, which gives Pandora complete control of her choice in how she applies her discipline, and she can be quite the harsh mistress indeed.

Andrew Shada is the newest among her stable of houseboys, and so far he’s been working out. He works hard, but he does have an unfortunately bad habit, and smokes whenever he can. Pandora can’t stand the smell of smoke, so she prohibits any kind of smoking when a houseboy is providing her service. Andrew tries to sneak away for a quick smoke break, but Pandora catches him almost immediately. She’s not entirely heartless, she vows to help him quit the bad habit, and she reinforces her offer with immediate discipline with a harsh spanking across his bare ass. Only when he agrees to her help does she let him up, but she’s not quite done with him, and makes him finish his chores wearing nothing but his utility apron as a reminder, so he can feel the breeze across his reddened ass.

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Sadie Spanks Her Student

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sadie spanks her student

One of the brilliant things about being a tutor is that a girl can set her own terms on how she conveys her…lessons. For most boys this isn’t a problem, and they are just there to learn, but a few of the guys think that they can be the ones to teach the tutor a lesson. When that happens there are certain clauses in the contract that our girls like to enact, and that’s if the boys are going to act like five year olds, then they get treated as such. When that happens, it’s entirely up to the tutor how they discipline their student.

Sadie Holmes keeps a bag around just for those particularly difficult students. One or two warnings usually gets the point across, but this particular student is definitely a hard case. Sadie had to get a little bit old-fashioned with her teaching and discipline, and apply some corporal punishment to her bad student. He thought that her hand wouldn’t be so bad, and even managed to keep his mouth shut for this first punishment, but when the paddle came out and turned his ass bright red, he soon was begging and pleading for his chance to be a model student.

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College Boy Paddled

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Certain boys think they are something special, because they get treated with privilege their entire life. It’s particularly prevalent when they get out of high-school and into the real-world, with things already set up for them when they have family, or connections. They get into college, and they just roll right on through, especially when they get into the right frats. Luckily, our girls have some connections too, and when they meet a particularly annoying frat boy, they have their ways of getting them the lessons they need.

This particular frat boy thought it was quite the joke when he saw Audrey there to give him his initiation spanking, but Aubrey definitely knows how to use that paddle, and prove just how nasty she can be when she’s given a wicked boy’s bare ass to teach a lesson. He quickly learned it was no joke when that wood paddle turned his bare ass red, and he practically cried his eyes out and begged Audrey to let him go!

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Anikka gives lesson in spanking

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Why do guys think that a girl wants them just because the girl is cute, and maybe even offers a little bit of a flirt whenever they are around? Sometimes the flirting is just a way for them to have some fun, and as a way to get their attention, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can put your hands all over them and just expect them to suck you off. Many of these girls are even waiting for that bad behavior, because they just love putting you in your place. These are hands-on women, and they know that sometimes it takes a bit of old-fashioned discipline before these handsy guys will have any kind of self control.

Anikka may have the body of a blonde goddess, but that certainly doesn’t mean she’s stupid. Her tutor makes that mistake, and thinks that she will trade favors for his teaching. He tries to grope her, and he tries to make her ‘pay’ for his time by assuming she is like the blonde girls that fit the stereotypes. She is more than glad to prove him wrong when she threatens to report him, and tells him that she might let him go if he submits to a little proper lesson of her own. She turns the tables easily enough and bends him over her lap. She starts with bare hand, but her paddle and brushes come out quickly enough to turn his bare ass bright red. The more bruises he gets, the more the lesson sinks in, so she makes sure he won’t make those kinds of assumptions again!

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OTK Red Ass

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There are big, bad boys out there that think that pain is no big thing. They don’t take discipline well because no matter what you do with them physically, you don’t do anything to change their attitude. We have teachers that are very good at finding out what will be the most effective way to change a bad boy’s attitude though, with the least effort.

This particular arrogant manboy thought he had beaten us, just because he could take the spankings, the cage, and the paddle. One of our proctors soon figured him out there though, he was able to stand them because he had control over his positioning. It was amazing what adjustment we got when we made him uncover his ass and get an over the knee spanking like a little boy. The humiliation of being treated like a five year old finally let the pain from the spankings get through, and produced wonderful things in his attitude.

This boy gets spanked and punished. CLICK HERE to watch

OTK Spanking

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Some guys just have no manners at all; they get brought up in conditions that let them get away with anything and they never have to apologize for any of it. It leaves them acting like spoiled little brats who think that their behavior always has an excuse behind it, and they will never suffer the consequences. These boys who claim to be men need some good old fashioned discipline before they end up on the right track. Luckily, there are women out there who won’t take their crap, and show them what it’s like to suffer.

This time Mary Jane thought she was giving her assistant a simple task, he just had to do a little bit of organization and clean up, but when she returns later, she finds that he hasn’t done a damn thing. It was the last straw for her, and she told him he could either get out or take his punishment. She doesn’t hold back either with her corporal punishment, she makes him pull down his pants so he can spank and paddle his ass bright red.

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Black Man gets Spanked Over the Knee

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What the hell is it with guys and sports? You might have the most well mannered, polite, generous guy in the world, but as soon as their kids end up on the field they turn into screaming, yelling, impolite, inconsiderate idiots. They lose all the training and teaching about good behavior we pounded into their heads when they were kids, just because their kids are kicking the ball around. Those boys need some remedial correction so they break those bad habits, and luckily Clare Fonda is not afraid to take them to task for their misbehavior.

Clare pulls aside one particularly bad example as this guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut all game and was yelling at the kids, the refs, all the other parents. Clare wasn’t going to have that at all their games, and made sure that in no uncertain terms that unless he underwent a little punishment and training, he wouldn’t be welcome back. He thought it was all a joke until she yanked his pants down and layed into his ass. She’s an expert with the bare-handed spankings and soon even had his ass burning with pain. He begged for mercy quickly enough, as she got her point across on his ass.

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More of Phoenix

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Not just bad little girls need spankings these days. Many men grow up with such a massive sense of entitlement that they think the world owes them, and they treat everyone around them like they owe them the same. They never received a proper attitude adjustment when they were younger, and they never learned that old-fashioned discipline can get them farther than acting like a whiny little boy that thinks that every piece of candy is theirs. It’s a good thing that learning can come at all ages, and that there are women willing to give these selfish men the lessons they need.

Phoenix is especially talented at turning all of these nearly-lost causes into useful members of society. It’s amazing what happens when a guy meets a woman that won’t take their shit and will drag them over their lap and spank them silly. This particular bad boy thought the whole thing was a joke, and that she was going to give him a couple light spankings before he got what he wanted. Phoenix was having none of that, and he realized it was not a joke the first time that brush hit his ass and left a nice red mark on his ass. He thought he could flip it around on her, but she beat his ass until he had to beg for mercy.

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