Paddled Hard

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paddled hard

Good men know that it takes training and discipline in order to maintain proper order and to develop into proper, mature members of society. It’s a shame that so many of them never really receive that type of discipline, they go onto their lives and think that they are never going to have to suffer, and that everything is going to get handed to them. It makes them such ill behaved little boys that someone just has to step in and take a hand in giving them the proper education.

Luckily, Leigh knows just the value of good discipline, after all, growing up and attending the girl-scouts showed her what you can do when you follow the rules and stay in good order. She even has the outfit! It puts her in just the perfect mood when she is given a naughty boy that she needs to show how to behave. She starts easily enough, just a bit of bare-handed spanking to get his ass warmed up, and to lull him into thinking that things aren’t going to be too bad. Of course, that’s when she breaks out the bigger tools, and has him quickly begging for her tender mercies as his ass ends up black and blue, mercy she’s not inclined to give him.

Leigh tries several different paddles on his ass. CLICK HERE to watch

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OTK Red Ass

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otk red ass

There are big, bad boys out there that think that pain is no big thing. They don’t take discipline well because no matter what you do with them physically, you don’t do anything to change their attitude. We have teachers that are very good at finding out what will be the most effective way to change a bad boy’s attitude though, with the least effort.

This particular arrogant manboy thought he had beaten us, just because he could take the spankings, the cage, and the paddle. One of our proctors soon figured him out there though, he was able to stand them because he had control over his positioning. It was amazing what adjustment we got when we made him uncover his ass and get an over the knee spanking like a little boy. The humiliation of being treated like a five year old finally let the pain from the spankings get through, and produced wonderful things in his attitude.

This boy gets spanked and punished. CLICK HERE to watch

Ruthless Vixens Abuse male sub

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It’s all fun and games for our mistresses as they hold a little house party, with plenty of submissive little bitch boys at their beck and call, all of them primed and ready for the abuse only our dommes can give them. Indoors and out, they find all sorts of ways to torment these cock-focused, badly behaved little boys, to make them beg, to make them cry and plead as they ask for the mercy that none of our mistresses are particularly inclined to give.

The first ends up strung up in a harsh pipe rig where he our mistresses forces him up where she can get to his back and go to work with her favorite leather strop. She is merciless as she beats his back red, and then keeps right on going. Then there are the pair of our ladies with the boy tied up outside who delight in twisting, hitting, kicking his pathetic little cock, all while he begs and pleads, then cries as they make him realize how vulnerable he really is. The last tries to be a brave boy as two sportwomen decide to have a contest to see how badly they can mark up his back. He holds up for quite a while, but a few well-placed blows have him drooling, crying, and breaking down just like every other bitch boy in the club.

These boys get their asses kicked (sometimes literally). CLICK HERE to watch this Domme in action!

Paddled, Flogged, and Spanked to Bruising

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flogged and welted

Many men think they are in for a special treat when they discover that there are women out there that love to dominate. They think it will be all about a little bit of restraint, maybe a slap and tickle, something they will find erotic, and fun and then those women will get so worked up they will have no control, and will just have to fuck the hell out of their ‘subby guy’. It’s quite a surprise for them when they find that these dominant bitches want nothing more than to see them crying out in pain and begging them to stop.

This particular little boy had been with a few lovers that loved to exchange a playful spanking now and again, so he went looking for our mistresses because he just ‘knew’ there was nothing they could do to him that was worse. That’s just the type of guy our mistresses love, because they almost take bets on how quickly they will beg and whine and try to get out of their discipline. This particular little boy didn’t last long at all, even the first wood paddle had him moaning in pain, but they weren’t about to let him go until they left his ass a nice big mass of bruises.

He is spanked until he bleeds. See for yourself. CLICK HERE

Male Paddled

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male paddled

Many men will not accept criticism or discipline from another man, it makes them become competitive and has the opposite effect, they come out with worse attitudes then when they went in. With so many male figures teaching men these days, it is no wonder that they come out arrogant, competitive, and insulting without a proper woman to show them that they are not allowed to behave that way. That is why the boys boarding school came back, to show men that certain behaviors in their life are just not acceptable.

This offender did not think there was anything he could learn, and scoffed at the idea that a woman should punish him. Luckily our professionals do not take such comments personally, but they do quite savor when they prove a particularly arrogant man wrong. With this particular offender, basic was best, and our proctor had just the paddle for him, a good old fashioned paddle he probably never saw when going to primary school. He did not think anything could phase him, at least until she made him drop trousers, and proceeded to make his ass glow red from her expert paddling.

Watch him paddled HERE

OTK Spanking

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otk male spanking

Some guys just have no manners at all; they get brought up in conditions that let them get away with anything and they never have to apologize for any of it. It leaves them acting like spoiled little brats who think that their behavior always has an excuse behind it, and they will never suffer the consequences. These boys who claim to be men need some good old fashioned discipline before they end up on the right track. Luckily, there are women out there who won’t take their crap, and show them what it’s like to suffer.

This time Mary Jane thought she was giving her assistant a simple task, he just had to do a little bit of organization and clean up, but when she returns later, she finds that he hasn’t done a damn thing. It was the last straw for her, and she told him he could either get out or take his punishment. She doesn’t hold back either with her corporal punishment, she makes him pull down his pants so he can spank and paddle his ass bright red.

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Mistress Madeline demands perfection

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evil femdom

Some subby boys are eager to kneel in their place and lick their mistresses’ boots, and others just think they are big bad boys, and they need a mistress to put them at their knees. They would never stand up to a woman, but they won’t kneel unless they get a heel planted on their neck. Those types of bitch boys are some of our mistresses’ favorites, since they really get to push them hard, and go all out, because those bottoms wouldn’t expect anything less, in fact they would be disappointed if there was anything less.

This time Mistress Madeline gets her hands on big, bad, burly Stigma, and he can be as wild as his big ass hair. She’s not impressed in the slightest though, and starts him out with a little solitary confinement below in the basement. Once he is suitably isolated, she really starts on him, and she spends most of her time concentrating on that puny dick of his. He thinks he is so manly, so she canes, and clamps and beats his cock and balls until they’re going to be practically useless for days after the scene. She’s not satisfied with that though, and needs her nice pussy and ass worship before she finally proves how a ‘manly man’ can bend over like the bitch he really is, as she makes him ride her favorite strapon.

CLICK HERE to see Mistress Madeline at work

Male Submissive gets Flogged

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male flogged

A good little bitch boy should know better than to try and conceal anything from his mistress. She will always find out what she wants to know, and he will just have to suffer at her hands again and again while she works him over. The bravest little boys turn into whimpering bitches when a truly hard domme steps in and gives them her ‘personal’ attention. They might as well give it up as soon as the scene starts, because otherwise they just make it worse.

Devin thought he was being cute by holding back some of the things he saw at a recent event from mistress Penny Flame, but she wasn’t having any of that. Interrogation scenes are her specialty, and when you see her vinyl interrogator clothing, you will see exactly why. She has the perfect mix of pain and humiliation at her disposal, and Devin ends up with his cock stretched obscenely while he gets beaten and caned at her hands. She smothers him, and abuses his balls, before he finally gives up what he knows. Penny does her best to reward him with a nice fucking in the ass with her strapon before she finally does take advantage of his cock. She isn’t a total sadist though, she does let him cum, though when he gets it all over her boot, she isn’t about to let him go without cleaning it up.

Watch him flogged, then tortured HERE

Busty Kordi shows off her Paddle

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If you’ve grown up these days, you’ve missed a big passage in your life, you missed the babysitter coming by when you were young and applying some good old fashioned corporal punishment when you misbehaved. It’s almost a rite of passage, especially since so many boys learned the discipline what it is to be men at the hands of a hot young babysitter.

This time Kordi is very happy to recreate the experience for all you grown boys out there that missed the feel of your babysitters hand on your ass. She loves using the paddle and her bare hands to get a guys’ ass nice and red, and leave them stinging and burning red so they get a reminder of all the things they missed.

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Black Man gets Spanked Over the Knee

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black man spanked

What the hell is it with guys and sports? You might have the most well mannered, polite, generous guy in the world, but as soon as their kids end up on the field they turn into screaming, yelling, impolite, inconsiderate idiots. They lose all the training and teaching about good behavior we pounded into their heads when they were kids, just because their kids are kicking the ball around. Those boys need some remedial correction so they break those bad habits, and luckily Clare Fonda is not afraid to take them to task for their misbehavior.

Clare pulls aside one particularly bad example as this guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut all game and was yelling at the kids, the refs, all the other parents. Clare wasn’t going to have that at all their games, and made sure that in no uncertain terms that unless he underwent a little punishment and training, he wouldn’t be welcome back. He thought it was all a joke until she yanked his pants down and layed into his ass. She’s an expert with the bare-handed spankings and soon even had his ass burning with pain. He begged for mercy quickly enough, as she got her point across on his ass.

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